Review for Transitioning Transitioning From a Weekend to a War Zone

The best book I have ever read. The book is motivating and uplifting. I enjoyed every page of the book especially the story about leaving her son and the time both mother and son reunited. I also enjoyed how Renata mention the way the shower was rigged with a plastic jug that had holes punched out of the bottom of it in order to take a shower. I was sad to hear how she and others was food poisoned but glad that she and the others was ok. The book is very motivated, encouraging, and uplifting. I really enjoyed reading the book and so did my son and friend. I encourage anyone that has not read or brought this book to do, they will not be disappointed. I could go on and on and on about how much I enjoyed reading this book but it would be like writing the book all over again. Just buy the book. I want to tip my hat off to Renata Morgan for the great job she done on sharing the book and story with the world. Hope there’s another one to come. What a wonderful job. Thank you Renata for coming into my life and sharing your wonderful story with me, my son, and my friend, we Loved it “Great Job” Thank you also for you service to this country, and may God Bless you and your Family.

Anita Reeves


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